Tuesday, 15 May 2007

Put your red dress on

So, what, to get women to take up the opportunity of health screenings it is necessary to entice them with the chance to see pretty dresses? Apparently so.


But on a different note, the Fratellis album is good. I do love a good bit of indie. And kudos goes to Amazon as the CD arrived 4 days after I ordered it, which is unprecedented to my mind, especially considering our mediocre postal service in halls. Nice one.

On another random note - man, I need to work on my coherence! - I watched The Queen last night and was really impressed. I don't know that I would've understood all of the context and background stuff without one of my housemates commentating, but I guess inserting any more info into the actual film would've made it too documentary-like. I thought it portrayed Blair very well, and it got me thinking that 10 years is a very long time to keep working hard at that job. It was quite sad at points, though we were all debating the hype from the public over Diana's death. It's a hard one because she clearly did have a huge impact on the British people, but behind all her stoicism the Queen rightly pointed out that they were grieving for someone they didn't know, not someone that was the mother of their grandchildren. Some interesting points were raised, and I'd like to watch it again!


Jen said...

You know the dress thing would totally work with Benny. I don't remember the last time I went near a shopping centre with her and didn't get dragged in to some place to look at a pretty dress!

Cat said...

You do know I read what you two write right?!?!?

Incidently, I think Diana was bumped off and I seriously don't think the Queen gave a poop, but I am cynical... I also think they're gonna bump off young Harry as they don't need him with ol' wills around, and he isn't charles' son anyway... lol.

Where else have you seen a ginger in the royal family? But have a look at James Hewitt... ooooh... lol

Love you!

*wonders off following pretty dresses*