Thursday, 15 March 2007

Tired Thursday

3x Thursday

1. Are you a morning person? What's your ideal time to get out of bed? Why?
Haha, no I'm not. As is often typical, I was before I hit my teens and now the idea of getting up at 7am is not a pretty one. As I have frequently tried to explain to my medic friends (who regularly see 7am!) my sleeping patterns have changed at uni. My ideal time to go to sleep is between about 1am and 2am, so waking up around 9am and 10am is perfect. I will wake up refreshed and knowing that I achieved a lot of work the night before because I concentrate best around midnight. Strange but true. No doubt I will have to alter this when I am out in the *real world* but that's ok with me - I could get up earlier if I went to bed earlier!

2. What is your morning schedule like?
It varies depending on the day. On a Monday, I'll get up about 9/9.30am. After breakfast I go food shopping at Tesco, which is my big weekly shopping trip. After that, I go to the gym for about an hour and a half. It's only a minute or two from my halls so then it's back to my room to shower and grab some lunch. Then it's off to my first lecture of the day at 1.10pm. Yeah, I know. I'm an arts student, alright?

3. Do you like the sun being out and the birds chirping when you wake up, or do you prefer the opposite? Why?
Given the time I just said I like to get out of bed, I'd be alarmed if the sun wasn't out! I really enjoy it being sunny when I get up, and knowing that there's stuff going on outside. It's sometimes atmospheric to get up really early but other than that if it's still dim then it doesn't make me feel like it's time to get up and go!

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Feeling: Slightly dazed from staring at this essay for so long, hence my reluctance to blog anything much today
Currently reading: Double Fault - Lionel Shriver
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