Saturday, 16 February 2008

That's my answer


So, tell us, do you have a special place? Where is it? Have you been there in real life?

This actually got me thinking. I don't actually do the thing that the writer describes, of closing my eyes and actually imagining myself somewhere else. Still, if I was going to - and who knows, maybe I'll start doing it! - my special place would have to be the armchair in the lounge at home, sometime around 9pm when the house is warm, there's a glass of red wine next to me and a good book in my hand.

I'm sure there are cooler answers than that, but there you go. I'm afraid that my special place is probably never going to involve a hot, sunny beach somewhere, as wearing very little in public and slowly baking in the sun both rate relatively low on my list of fun things to do.

On another tangent, going back to yesterday's food theme, I can't help but wonder how many people worldwide every year burn their mouths while eating a heated pain au chocolat? It happens so horribly easily...the pastry doesn't feel too hot so you take a big, happy bite and end up with a mouthful of scalding chocolate. I gave in to a multipack of mini ones yesterday and 24 hours later, after some rather enthusiastic microwaving and stuffing them in my face, my mouth is feeling rather tender. Still, I suppose it's my own fault.


ria88 said...

microwaving? But then they go soggy!
they taste so much better done in oven they stay crispy then!

Lucy said...

I know, i know...
but microwaving takes mere seconds, which is desirable when compulsively eating chocolatey pastry goodness!