Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Shaky shaky

Well I thought I'd join in the mass blogging about the earthquake...

JonnyB's entry made me laugh, and someone in his comments section pointed somewhat laughingly to the comments over at the Guardian. I think the best comment has to be by 7barrels:
"Small Earthquake hits UK.
Not much damage.

Please send in your stories of how this hasn't affected you very much at all."

I get that, OK, some chimneys have fallen down and it's scary to be woken like that and some people are now going to be faced with injuries and a fair bit of redecorating. I get it, it sucks.

But why so many people feel the need to say "I felt the earthquake. My house shook. Nothing fell over." is a little beyond me. How cynical of hiss.

Of course, I'm in an easy position to be faintly amused because I was on the phone to the boyfriend at the time of the quake - his house got quite a shaking, though in Wales we didn't get any of it - and his dad's response was "What did you do?!"

I guess you never outgrow that...

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ria88 said...

apparently it shock here i just completely missed it, I was even awake.
Colin phoned me to go wow earthquake and it took him five minutes to convince me that he wasn't joking