Friday, 15 February 2008

Tuna and chips, aye or nay?

I feel that this blog has been lacking in pointlessness recently, so here's a topical question:

Is it appropriate to serve tuna steak with chips?

I think it entirely is. I did it earlier this evening and it tasted good. You get chips with regular steak. You get chips with gammon steak. You get chips as a side to your tuna mayo baguette at lunchtime, for goodness' sake. Also, I was served chips with my tuna steak by a posh restaurant just last September. (Before you ask, by posh I mean that the bill came to more than £50 for two of us and I was probably the only student there).

However, the other half says that this is totally wrong. He is possibly just being snobby before he also cooked tuna for tea tonight but his was seared and was on a bed of rocket and something or other. Leaving aside the fact that I hate rocket and anything that's ever touched it, I understand that this is a nice, lighter alternative to my chips.

But still, are the chips really wrong?

Opinions welcome...

And don't worry, I've forgiven him for his attachment to salad leaves and the proper way of doing things ^^

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