Sunday, 25 February 2007

Lazy Sunday

Well it's after 6pm and I'm still in my pyjamas, so I don't feel any need to get dressed now! I've had a nice weekend and have made up for my lack of work in the last few days by doing my language and gender reading in bed. Ah, there are definite advantages to being a student - not getting dressed all day is totally cool with everyone else. I had to laugh at myself just now when I was texting a friend and he said something about everything kicking off in Cardiff tonight, and checked whether I was going out. I had no idea...upon checking the news I have discovered that not only did I have no idea it was the Carling Cup final, but I also missed 3 red cards, John Terry being kicked in the face, and apparently a 'brawl' on the pitch as well. Blimey. Not that my pyjamas would really suit the city centre anyway but I'm definitely not going out anywhere tonight! It seems such a shame that the final was so violent, even if the Terry thing was an accident.

* * * * *

Stories that amused me when I was reading news headlines:

This story in the Guardian, about a teacher in Kentucky who somehow sent a text about marijuana to a police officer, instead of to her dealer. The officer set up a meeting and then arrested the woman. Bit intrigued as to how she made such a mistake - surely that's one phone number you'd triple check before sending??

A BBC story about 3 armed muggers in Costa Rica who held up a bus of American senior citizens. One of the tourists was a retired member of the military, and accidentally (I think) killed one of the muggers while trying to restrain him in a headlock. I'm not applauding the fact that the bloke got killed, obviously, but I felt some satisfaction in the fact that the senior citizens won the fight.

* * * * *

Last laughed at: My twin brother, who was demonstrating his Happy Meal toy in our hallway when I walked out of my room earlier
Last felt smug because: I raided the huge Celebrations tin in our kitchen and there were some Mars chocolates left
Last felt insignificant because: I hugged someone I was out with and I only just came up to his shoulder

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