Tuesday, 20 February 2007

Congrats on the eating disorder progress?

Well, look what we have here...it's the new range of Journeys cards by Hallmark. I came across them after reading a blog about them over at the f-word. Prices on there are in dollars, so I'm not sure whether these cards are available in the UK.

I can't decide what I feel about them. The website claims that the cards can apply to happenings in life such as divorce, eating disorders, leaving a bad situation, quitting a bad habit, post-partum depression, thanking a hospice worker, losing hair from treatments, and many more. I am totally with Hallmark on the fact that there are a lot of challenges people face today, and we need to support these people. I even think a well-placed 'Thinking of You' card can be very thoughtful and can really help. After a friend's brother died I know I agonised over whether to send a card, what card to send, what to write in it etc. But I'm really not sure about all this business where there's big inspirational paragraphs on and inside cards. I have to admit that I've never really been in a situation where I've personally been sent cards for anything on the Hallmark list. But if I was, I would much rather receive a card in which the sender had simply written a few words themself. Even if it was just "How can I help?" it would mean a lot more to see it in their own ink and their own handwriting than to get a card with that printed in it.

Don't get me wrong: sometimes I think that having poems and stuff printed on cards is nice. I've received sweet birthday cards like that, and I know my granny likes a classic and cheesy Mothering Sunday card. But the idea of sending someone a card with "One year free of the Big Bad C" on the front just makes me wince. As does sending one with "Why me?" on the front. Yes, the message inside is a thoughtful one (along the lines of 'you must have a million questions right now, but I have one too - how can I help?'). But really, do you need that card on your windowsill, or whatever, proudly displaying "Why me?" to you every time you walk past?

Well, it's just a thought. I genuinely hope that these Hallmark cards will be a great resource for the niche of people for whom they are appropriate. I don't doubt that many people will still be comforted and strengthened by them. From me, though, anyone in distress is more likely to receive an art group photo card with a few, simple words included in my own handwriting...

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Speaking of eating - but not of the disordered kind - check out carved into an apple which is on the Innocent blog (as in the smoothie). I'm proud to say that the photo is the work of a friend of mine.

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