Saturday, 16 June 2007

Random wanderings through Exeter

I started my day totally confused in Waterstones. I can only assume that this sign is some kind of literary reference, but Google doesn't come up with anything. Who is this Eugene and what is going on with their lamp? Any suggestions would be most appreciated.

In a small shop tucked away in an arcade, I discovered some pretty cool vintage clothing. Sadly I decided to abstain as I am still unemployed for the summer, but I did have to take a photo of these hats, knowing that they're the kind of thing my twin would probably try to get away with. (All in the excuse of 'fancy dress', of course.)

Just down the road, in 'Kitsch U Like' there was also a lot of fun stuff, including handbags made to look like boom boxes. It was only walking back past later on that I saw this refurbished dentist chair in the window. Words fail me, frankly. But it's yours for £250. If I was rich and flippant I'd be tempted to send it to my old orthodontist as a token of my straight-toothed gratitude.

Quite possibly the quaintest cup of coffee I've had in a long time, served to me at the very originally named Riverside Café.

Sitting being thoughtful by the riverside I found myself wondering if you've got to be English to find this sort of view inspiring. But no matter - I enjoyed it, anyway.

Saving the rainforest, one biscuit at a time. It's gratifying to find even pubs on riversides serving fairtrade coffee and accompaniments.

This has got to be one of the shortest ferry journeys ever! It just goes to show how your perception of the world changes as you grow up...I remember that foot ferry crossing a huge distance.


Cat said...

I was just about to ask where all that was and blame my lack of remembering on lack so sleep and other such quarms, then i saw exeter in the 'what's the blog about' bit. See! I can't even remember what it's called. and the word remember looks very odd. I need some sleep.

I just had to go back to look at the pics to remember what I was gonna type in the first place! Had I not thought 'I bet I forget by the time i finish typing this bit' then I probably wouldn've forgotten. (verbs are wonderful things!). Anyway, I was just gonna say, I always find me dentist chair everyso comfy and sometimes struggle not to have a little kip while he's talking. I dunno if it's a he actually, haven't been for a while and i think 'he' has been replaced.

tho doozing off it probably due to tiredness more than the comfort of the chair...

Sudoku said...

Try this to clear up the mystery of the lamp!

ria88 said...

As some one has already pointed out where the quote come form i shall just add the comment.

The sign is surrounded by one book, oddly enough this book seems to contain that quote. What a weird coincidence. (hmm i would normally insert smiley face sticking out tongue to show that its only only light hearted banner, but I have no idea how I would do that here)

Oh and it's Victoria btw