Thursday, 21 June 2007


I have a moan, I'm afraid. I would merely like to comment on cafés that, when you ask for a cup of tea, bring you a little metal teapot all to yourself. What is with this? It's not quaint, because it's a metal teapot. It's not like we're talking fine bone china here. And frankly, the fact that it arrives in a teapot does nothing to disguise the fact that by the time it's been poured and brought outside and you've paid the bill and put some milk into your cup in preparation, the tea is actually very stewed. And any tea that only tastes ok when it's got a tonne of milk and a sachet of sugar in it is not really worthy to be called tea, in my book.

Anyway, moan over. I can already feel the 'get over yourself and your tea obsession' eyes rolling at the screen.

Ironically, I'm logging off now to make a cup of tea.

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Har har har.