Thursday, 12 April 2007

AI (Animal Intelligence)

I couldn't help but think today, as I glared at the seagulls that were disturbing my peaceful lying in the sun, that they must get a bit confused sometimes. I mean, in the winter they see those human types driving past in their cars and huddling up in raincoats and big jumpers, always hurrying somewhere. And then the sun comes out and all the humans are suddenly lying prone on the ground. It must seem a bit weird.

Then again, my younger brother figured out that simply gesturing as if you were throwing bread makes the seagulls fly in that direction, even if you are in fact not holding any bread. Bless, I don't think they're particularly intelligent.

Sadly my other animal experience today involved a certain amount of death. One of my brother's 3 and a half year old gerbils died, which kind of wasn't a surprise as they're old, but still. The thing that got me was how the other gerbil reacted when it (sorry, she) got out of bed and discovered her sister (?) was dead. She nudged her a few times with her nose and then put both front paws on her side and did what remarkably resembled the presses you do in CPR. It seemed like such an intelligent reaction somehow. Poor thing - it's hard to tell how much they understand. But that could turn into a big philosophical debate and it's late. Maybe later.

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