Tuesday, 10 April 2007

I don't get it

What exactly is the Sarah's Law trial supposed to achieve? Maybe I'm missing something obvious, but what good does it do to know that there might be a paedophile living in your general area? Considering the number of stories in the news about kids and teenagers being attacked or raped or abducted, surely it's better for parents to assume that they always need to keep a close eye on their kids. It seems to me that the best you can do as a parent is be aware of where your kids are, what they get up to, and make sure they know how to look after themselves. Whether or not a paedophile might live a few blocks away from you doesn't rule out anything else that could happen to your kid. The thing is, I'm the first to say that of all the crimes a person can commit, paedophilia really makes me sick. But a part of me still wants to believe in second chances, even when it's hard to be convinced that anyone can reform from that.

Of course, I'm saying this from the point of view of not being a parent, and I guess there are parents out there who really want this law. I get that if you've got kids you're not going to want to take any chances with them at all. Sadly I can only find the story on Reuters so I haven't found many opinions on it.

On a lighter child-related note, I was sent a photo of a friend's baby niece this morning, and she's gorgeous! I was almost jealous, in a don't-want-one-of-those-for-a-long-time-yet sort of way.

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Jen said...

The BBC website has a lot more opinions, etc.
I kind of agree - and besides the fact that it doesn't really matter if there are sex offenders on there because your kid could get hit by a bus if it's too stupid to look after itself, NOT ALL PAEODOPHILES WILL BE REGISTERED. Gah this kind of stuff makes me angry.

Looking forward to tomorrow! Benny is making that lasagne again. Ohhhh yeaaaaaah.

(Also, the verification word for this comment is 'lomsjma' and I find that amusing.)

Jen said...

But not as amusing as the fact that the verification word for THIS comment is 'wopgoo'.


Oh my.

Jen said...

I will stop commenting in a minute... if you tried to find it on the BBC and can't, it might be because they're referring to it as Megan's Law, not Sarah's Law.